I've been learning web development for the last 2 years. My interest is in helping to code and design a website.

group collaberation

My frank strengths and weaknesses in Front End Development.

HTML 70% 70% - HTML
CSS 60% 60% - CSS
Javascript 40% 40% - Javascript
Wordpress 80% 80% - WordPress
Photoshop 80% 80% - Photoshop
Illustrator 70% 70% - Illustrator
Dreamweaver 60% 60% - Dreamweaver
Indesign 80% 80% - Indesign
SEO, Social Media, and Networking 65% 65% - SEO, Social Media, and Networking
Bootstrap 80% 80% - Bootstrap


Services that I offer to help you have your business run smoothly.

Web Design

A fully responsive website that will fit the needs of your company, with a simple design that will help customers to navigate the site. Also, I provide site maintenance to ensure that the site grows with you.

Photo Manipulations

Need some photos touched up? Or altered to fit the needs of a site? I'm certified in Photoshop CS6, I will help you in any way that I can.

Graphic Design

I can create graphics and logos in Illustrator, or even create an animation for your site.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a way to keep in touch with your customers to ensure that they will continue to come back for your services. I can help you to coordinate all of your platforms to reach your target audience.


These are all projects that I've done outside of my coursework.

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